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  • For Ages 13-17 boys and girls
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Al Bahr Institute currently offers 6 courses


YOYO- Get it right! You’re Only Young Once

This course breaks down the core principals of why we should be proud muslims and why having faith in Allah SWT is essential.

This course leaves youth with strong understanding and practical steps to understand topics such as Tawheed, 6 pillars of Eman, 5 pillars of Islam and the difference between Hadith and Quran.

The fundamental idea of this course is to remove doubts about Islam, clarify why and how we can worship Allah SWT. And finally it touches on solving and removing the Muslim youth identity crisis, through profound knowledge by teaching them to be proud for who they are.


O My Son

This course focuses on the crucial teachings of Luqman to his son. The story of Luqman has many lessons that we can extract from and apply it within our lives. The advice of Luqman and his life story will be taught in this course, allowing students to see the beauty of his life and teachings.
Who was Luqman and why did Allah SWT mention him in the Quran? This course will also go in to depth in regards to breaking down his advice to his Son in the Quran and how we can apply those same teachings in our lives in order to be better Muslims and citizens.


Enjoy your life

The art of interaction in the light of the Sunnah. This course was designed to enhance the way our youth interacts. The book is based on the popular book “Enjoy your life”, by Dr. Muhammad Abd Al-Rahman Al-Arifi.
This course takes each chapter of the book and adds an innovative touch through western concepts. This course also allows youth to really understand the importance of respecting others and how to use the Prophet’s SAW method of interaction to bring success in all aspects of life. A fun and interactive course filled with presentations, group work and critical thinking, leaving youth confident and educated.


What’s The Point?

This course is a detailed approach, in guiding the Muslim youth what the purpose of life is.
This course will help students to design their life step by step, in order to build a successful path leading to eternal happiness and contentment. InshaAllah. This course helps our Muslim youth that are confused with the theories they have learned in school or through other forms. It is designed to instill a solid foundation in understanding the purpose of our creation.
This course also helps students to dispel myths and theories regarding Darwinism, Scientology and Atheism, all of which are strongly preached to our youth through various mediums.


5 Streams 1 Ocean

This course was designed to create strategic problem solving methods through the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

The five streams are general areas in life that our problems may fall under. The 5 streams are: Financial, Physical, Physiological/Cognitive, Spiritual and Familial/Social. The streams lead into one Ocean which is Happiness/Jannah.

The idea behind the concept of the streams is when we look at any issues in our lives we can see they fall under one of the five streams. This course will help youth to understand the ways of dealing with our problems and life issues through an Islamic and Western lens. The course focuses on not teaching students how to get wealthy in the financial stream but rather how to live with being content with what Allah SWT blessed us with. Teaching financial skills such as minimalism and to live for moments and memories rather than money and materialism.


Top 10

The Prophet (SAW) told us about the 10 companions who were promised Jannah. This course will take us on a journey in to the lives of each of the companions chosen by Allah (SWT).

This course will allow our youth to reflect on how our companions lived their lives. The instructor will take challenges the companions faced and give the students practical lessons on how to integrate them in their every day lives.

This course will allow students to unlock the key to being active in the Muslim community and focus on why it’s crucial to contribute back in to our communities as it has been a reoccurring theme throughout the lives of each of these blessed companions. Each student will work with the class in building a social change project that will bring change to the lives of the community they live in.

The goal of this course is to build practical methods and community engagement programs and leadership platforms through the light of the 10 companions.